Wide format office laser printers: which businesses rely on them?

When we think about office laser printers, it usually conjures up an image of a multi-functional device quietly going about its business, printing and scanning documents (usually in A4 or A3), for a variety of purposes: meeting notes, letters, PowerPoint presentations and more.

Wide format office laser printers, on the other hand, are capable of producing large plans and posters, satellite images and signage in considerably larger formats - mainly A0 – A1 and A2 size paper.

Office laser printers are a vital component in the smooth running of every office, yet there are some business sectors where wide format printers are more than desirable: they're a necessity.


What do we mean by wide format office laser printers?

Wide format office laser printers can accept a print roll width of between 18" and 100". As we'll see, wide format office laser printers are used across many business sectors and they're a sound investment.

The speed and efficiency of wide format office laser printers can spell the end of outsourcing your large format print jobs. Crisp text and superb images speedily produced mean that productivity is enhanced, cost savings are achieved and there's no waiting to see the finished product that outsourcing entails.

Like their smaller office counterparts, wide format office laser printers also have copying and scanning capabilities, along with space-saving design measures, making them an essential addition to many work environments.

The latest security features are fully incorporated so that wide format office laser printers are Data Protection Act compliant.

Office Laser Printers


Who needs a wide format office laser printer?

Crucial to many 'vertical markets' (those which meet very specialised needs, rather than broader markets) wide format office laser printers are indispensable to industries including AEC (Architectural, Engineering and Construction), manufacturing and mapping (include aerial and satellite images).

There's also a wide range of businesses which rely on wide format office laser printers to produce many of the items which we look at every day, including signage in shops, posters — and even banners.

There are many wide format office laser printers to choose from and the right printer will accommodate your business needs, whether it's producing highly detailed architectural drawings or simple shop banners.

Wondering which wide format office laser printers will meet your requirements? ICA Digital can help

With over 20 years' experience in providing bespoke print infrastructures, our experienced team can offer advice and solutions to help you make decisions on wide format office laser printers.

Whether a small business or large corporation, we can integrate wide format office laser printers into your existing print infrastructure or create a bespoke solution for you.

By getting to know you and your business we ensure that your current and future print infrastructure needs are met; we offer impartial advice on a range of renowned suppliers including Ricoh, Toshiba and Kyocera.

As well as selection, provision and maintenance of your equipment and software, we can also manage the supply of consumables and offer technical assistance as well as training so that you can be confident that the solution we offer has been tailored to your needs.

To discuss how we can assist with your print requirements, whether it's for your wide format office laser printers, data security or other office technology, please call 0800 393989.

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