Advice and considerations when selecting an office print supplier for print management solutions in the legal and financial sectors

Finding the correct print management solutions is a crucial aspect of viability for any business, yet each sector will have its own particular challenges and requirements.

In focusing on the financial and legal sectors, we consider the particular needs of the client and the industry as well as how print management solutions (which includes the provision of hardware, software, consumables and technical support) can enhance print performance, drive down costs and improve the customer experience.  Both sectors are customer-facing services and streamlining administrative tasks and processes with efficient and flexible print management solutions can positively impact on customer communications and the quality of these relationships.
Common to both the financial and legal sectors is the need for high levels of security. Protecting both the client's and the business's reputation, as well as the prevention of fraud, should be key considerations in choosing a knowledgeable supplier for your print management solutions.


The financial sector and print management solutions

The term 'financial sector' encompasses many areas of business including banks and building societies, insurance and pensions, financial planning and investments.  This fast-paced sector is subject to frequent change and new regulatory processes; your print management solutions supplier should understand both your current and future business needs, keeping your systems up to date technologically to ensure seamless efficiency.

This business sector is driving increased transparency and cost-effectiveness to boost its public reputation and increase trust.  In choosing a print management solutions supplier it's important to find one who can offer comprehensive print management solutions, aligned to the understanding of extensive customer data protection requirements.

The ability to track and audit users' access to printing devices is an important consideration in protecting customer data (and the company's reputation).  Secure printing (as discussed in the next section) as well as auditing device access are key components in avoiding data breaches and print security gaps.

Print management solutions


Print management solutions for the legal sector

This business sector is highly document-intensive and an effective print management solutions supplier can help to control costs as well as recommending software to speed-up processes such as the scanning of documents to digital formats.  Quick and accurate digital conversion of bulky documents, case and briefing notes as well as incoming mail, for example, will allow easy integration into case studies and efficient retrieval later, ensuring smooth workflow and better cost control.

Security is of course a key issue and reputations can be ruined by the consequences of highly-sensitive and confidential information being seen by others.  Can your print management solutions supplier meet your needs with a system where only the originator of a document can print it? This means that confidential documents are not printed and then left lying on the printer, as well as offering document printing security at shared workplace devices.

At ICA Digital we have over 20 years' experience in providing print management solutions to the financial and legal sectors. We fully understand the ongoing and particular challenges which these sectors face and by getting to know your business in depth, we can create a bespoke package which will take care of all your print management needs.

ICA Digital offer impartial advice on a range of highly-regarded suppliers including Ricoh, Toshiba and Kyocera. From advice on and the provision of equipment and software, to managing the supply of consumables and offering technical assistance, we can offer a cohesive strategy to facilitate your print management solutions.

To discuss how ICA Digital can assist with your print management solutions,  as well as IT security and other office technology , please call 0800 393989.

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