The present and future of print: office laser printers and 3D print capability

Print technology, as we know, moves at an astonishing speed. Who would have thought, even a few years ago, that office laser printers would perform such a range of functions, be part of an integrated print environment, link to mobile phones and tablets and use software for system management?

Office laser printers and the future of print technology

These innovations are now commonplace and the future of print technology continues to evolve into 3D printing. Two of our trusted suppliers of office laser printers, Ricoh and Kyocera, announced earlier this year that they are partnering with companies which produce 3D printers.

What do we mean by '3D printing'?

To understand 3D printing we have to overturn our thinking that says office laser printers produce paper reports, booklets and documents.

3D printers are a phenomenal innovation that can produce items from many different materials and as diverse as household crockery to metal machine parts.

How does producing items by 3D printing relate to office laser printers?

Although we think of paper documents produced by office laser printers as an entirely flat surface, the text is very slightly raised by the layer of ink on the paper. The theory behind 3D printing is that if the same page was overprinted thousands of times, there would eventually be enough ink to create a 3D model of the words on the page. 3D printing allows the creation of an item, layer by layer, from the bottom up.

Which businesses can benefit from 3D printing alongside their office laser printers?

In an office environment, 3D printing is of enormous benefit especially in the design, architecture and engineering sectors. Producing 3D models from CAD drawings is fast and easy, contributing to enhanced innovation and communication.

Many other business sectors are utilising this new and evolving technology, from cars to jewellery and medical to aerospace industries.

What's the future for printers?

The new 3D printing technology certainly doesn't spell the end for laser printers, which continue to evolve with more energy-efficient features and innovations including anti-fraud technology.

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