How Managed Print Services Accelerates Business Process Digitisation

In recent decades, companies have digitalised their offices and workflows, moving away from mass paper printing each day to digital copies, PDF's and emails. However, it is argued that there is still no place for the paper-free office, with printing and physical copies being crucial to day-to-day workflows.

Businesses have struggled to integrate this digital move into existing, and still crucial, paper information, creating dysfunctional workflows and wastage. But new Managed Print Services, or MPS, use software created to fuse the two workflows together, enabling businesses to control printing, scan and send direct from your print machine to email or desired destination, monitor unnecessary duplicates and ensure privacy of documents left on servers.

Quocirca, a research and analysis company recently questioned 210 organisations on their current and future plans on their workflow. Quocirca's research revealed that MPS users had more 'effective' paper based information into digital workflow integration by 30% than non-MPS users, with 0% of MPS users finding it completely 'ineffective' compared to 8% non-MPS users.


At ICA Digital, we believe that paper will always have its place in the office, but that current paper workflows can be improved to increase efficiency and save money. We recommend that businesses review their existing workflows and look at the specific services that Managed Print Services can offer. Ricoh, Kyocera and Toshiba all offer extensive workflow solutions, ranging from print eco efficiency, to Follow Me print which enable higher efficiency and save money from less waste. This will aid businesses to truly integrate digital and paper workflows. 

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