Getting the most from your print infrastructure and managed print

What do we mean by 'managed print'?

At first glance 'managed print' may seem fairly self-explanatory, yet on closer inspection businesses of every size can benefit from a review of their print infrastructure and managed print services to achieve savings, improve productivity and enhance environmental sustainability.

A company's print infrastructure includes many different elements: printers, scanners and copiers with their relevant consumable items (such as toners, inks and paper) as well as multifunctional devices which can offer all these printing, scanning and copying functions in one appliance.

Whatever your business sector, whether health, education or retail services for example, understanding and managing the print infrastructure is vital, whether for a corporate headquarters or a small office.

At ICA Digital we have a wealth of experience in supplying a managed print service to clients, helping them to achieve their specific business print infrastructure objectives by going back to basics. We first of all get to know your business, its challenges and key priorities before recommending managed print solutions to ensure control over printing technology, enhance workflow and ensure security.

Many companies simply choose the wrong equipment for their business needs, leading to additional costs with reduced performance and workflow. By understanding a client's requirements, ICA Digital can provide a bespoke solution, along with impartial advice on a range of highly-regarded suppliers including Ricoh, Toshiba and Kyocera.


Looking to the future

Of course it's not just the day-to-day print infrastructure that's important. Putting your managed print solutions into the hands of professional suppliers means that service and on-going support are always at hand, whether on the end of the phone or an onsite visit by a skilled engineer, minimising disruption.

Business growth and the speed of technological change are further factors to consider and a professional supplier who understands your business will ensure that your print infrastructure will meet your business needs both now and into the future.

Managed print


Managed print and environmental sustainability

The growing importance of environmental sustainability should be integral to optimising print infrastructure. By monitoring and managing the print infrastructure, significant reductions can be achieved in the environmental footprint a business creates. A reduction in energy consumption, paper printing, appliance consumables and waste materials sent to landfill also contribute to cost savings when print volume is managed.

Software solutions

The type of software used can directly impact the efficient running of the print infrastructure. An expert supplier can recommend and deliver the software tools to enhance efficiency and reduce costs while ensuring that business objectives are met.

Choose ICA Digital as your managed print supplier

Managed print services offer a cohesive, tailored strategy with a range of benefits to every business. Gaining control of the processes which drive document production frees up time and resources, (both human and financial), streamlines the business and enhances security.

To discuss how ICA Digital can assist with supplying your managed print solutions, as well as IT security and other office technology , please call 0800 393989.

Smallfield, Surrey, RH6 9NW 0845 207 7000

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