How managed print can help to boost your company's green credentials

Making your business environmentally sustainable is good for you and your customers, as well as for the planet — and managed print can help you to achieve this by positively impacting on your energy resources, use of materials and the wider environment.

What do we mean by managed print?

A managed print service is an all-inclusive package to obtain the print equipment best-suited to your business needs, ensuring optimal workflow processes while significantly reducing the volume of consumables (paper, inks and toner) as well as energy.

Many companies struggle to manage a diverse array of print devices. These can include printers, scanners and copiers, as well as Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) which can provide all of these functions in one device that also has an e-mailing capability. The costs and servicing of these different devices can be difficult to manage and can also deplete an organisation's IT resources.

The ratio of devices to employees can be high and a managed print service means rationalising the print environment to achieve efficiencies across a range of resources.

Managed print services streamline the entire print fleet, its consumables and servicing to allow transparency of cost control, enhance utilisation of all hardware and improve your company's green credentials.


How is managed print good for my customers?

As well as improved efficiencies and enhanced print output, managed print services signify a real commitment on your company's part to environmental sustainability.

Our planet's dwindling natural resources frequently make headline news and many potential customers will look for a company for whom green credentials and sustainability are much more than buzz words: they're a business objective.

A managed print service will significantly reduce your company's environmental footprint. Low- and energy-efficient printing devices will reduce consumption (and wastage) in many areas including paper, ink and toner cartridges. From a pollution perspective, many of these used cartridges are non-biodegradable and unfortunately still sent to landfill, where they can take hundreds of years to finally decompose.

The ongoing monitoring and future-proofing of your company's print infrastructure will enhance your company's green credentials. Not only will managed print consistently deliver transparency and cost savings to your business, it will reduce your energy consumption and make a tangible contribution to the issue of environmental sustainability.

Managed print


ICA Digital's managed print service

ICA Digital has over 20 years' experience in providing bespoke print infrastructures and our managed print solutions have redefined business printing infrastructures from small businesses to large corporations.
We can create a custom-fit package for your business to ensure that your current and future print infrastructure needs are met. We will offer impartial advice on a range of renowned suppliers including Ricoh, Toshiba and Kyocera.

From advice on, and the provision of, equipment and software, managing the supply of consumables through to offering technical assistance and training, ICA Digital can offer your business, whether large or small, a solution which is tailored to your needs. Your managed print solution will align with your environmental sustainability challenges and tell your customers that your robust green credentials are another reason to trust the goods or services which you provide.

To discuss how we can assist with your print infrastructure requirements whether it's managed print needs, data security or other office technology, please call 0800 393989.

Smallfield, Surrey, RH6 9NW 0845 207 7000

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