Managed document services: a business tool for managing data protection with print technology

Data protection and managed document services

The words 'data protection' and managed document services are frequently heard across the media and the world of business but it's useful to consider what both mean.
The 1998 Data Protection Act stipulates that businesses (as well as organisations and the government) who handle personal data must ensure that its usage follows a list of strict criteria which includes keeping the data safe and secure; that it's used fairly, lawfully and is accurate.

Businesses and organisations are required to have robust systems in place to protect the data that they hold and managed document services can provide a holistic approach to this increasingly complex area. Some business sectors will require even more stringent systems due to the sensitive nature of data held on their systems, including the legal and health services, for example.


Risks and challenges: how managed document services can help

A particular security risk is posed by the sheer volume of digital information that can be accessed and this continues to grow year-on-year. The challenge for any business is in ensuring that the right employees can access the right information when they need it, balanced against compliance with data protection.

Businesses of every size need to keep abreast of the increasingly complex and sophisticated technology surrounding printers and MFDs (Multi-Function Devices, which includes devices with scanning, faxing, copying and emailing functions).

A data breach can have serious consequences for any business and managed document services can utilise the latest technology and software to ensure that essential security safeguards are in place - and crucially - kept up to date in the fast-moving technological world in which we live.

Printing documents is still a fundamental part of many business processes and it's important to consider the impact of printed matter falling into the wrong hands, in conjunction with the data protection strategy for PCs and servers. Managed document services can address the key print environment areas of users, devices and documents to ensure data protection compliance.

Managed document services


Managed document services: a 360-degree solution

Managed document services bring a host of benefits to your business in addition to crucial data protection. A holistic approach means that workflows and processes can be streamlined, ensuring optimal efficiency for information capture, storage, sharing and archiving. Managed document services also can achieve cost savings and contribute to environmental sustainability — and using one supplier for your managed document services means a single point of contact for all output needs.

At ICA Digital we have over 20 years' experience in providing managed document services to businesses of every size. By getting to know your business in depth, we can create a bespoke package which will fulfil all data protection criteria, both now and in future-proofing your business.

We work closely with highly regarded suppliers including Ricoh, Toshiba and Kyocera – our impartial advice can formulate a solution to meet all your business's managed document services needs. From advising on and the provision of equipment and software, to offering technical assistance, we can offer a strategy to facilitate your efficient managed document services.

To discuss how ICA Digital can assist with your managed document services, as well as other office technology solutions , please call 0800 393989.

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