Troubleshooting for your office laser printers

Even in today's highly digital workplaces there's still a tangible need for print technology. The idea of a 'paperless office' was, incredibly, first aired in Business Week way back in 1975 and so far it has yet to happen to any significant degree. Statistics produced in January 2014 show that only 1% of offices in the EU have gone paperless, indicating that office laser printers are here to stay.

Who'd have thought that part of the problem lies in our brains? The poor old human brain hasn't quite caught up with technology and while most people can read just as quickly from a computer screen as from paper, it seems that the cognitive processing involved in reading works better from paper than from the screen. It may be to do with colour and the fact that different settings on a computer alter the reader experience, whereas printed paper stays reassuringly consistent.


So now we know that office laser printers are the mainstay of our office, we may look on them more kindly, pay them greater attention — and also consider what happens when they break down, at a moment which will undoubtedly be excruciatingly inconvenient for at least one person in the office.

Everyone is familiar with the scenario: presentation notes need to be printed moments before it begins; a new client is dropping in, expecting to pick up some hard copy; the boss is hassling for some drafts. Whatever the urgency, the ominous silence after 'print' has been clicked means that our office laser printer has let us down.

Apart from the obvious and knee-jerk reaction of switching it off and back on again, most people will stare at the printer in blank and growing panic, knowing that the problem could lie anywhere within their office laser printer's increasingly complex circuits.

Office laser printers

When trouble strikes, it's time to call in the experts and for many SMEs this means keeping their office laser print procurement as well as support functions together in one reliable and integrated package.

Ongoing maintenance is of course a vital service to a busy office; keeping office laser printers running smoothly makes for an effective office and a happy team. But even with the best care, a hiccup will happen: a spilt cup of coffee, a major paper jam, or the new junior who thinks that pressing every button will somehow magically correct any malfunction.

At ICA Digital we offer an unparalleled service to get your office laser printer up and running again. Our IT support helpdesk will soothe troubled brows with remote assistance, or depending on the problem we will co-ordinate a local engineer to promptly deal with issues onsite.

ICA Digital has been providing expert and impartial advice to diverse industry sectors from schools and charities to commercial, financial and legal businesses for over 20 years. We are here to help advise you with everything relating to your office print infrastructure – from purchasing office laser printers to fixing technical glitches and installing software and security updates. When print equipment fails you need a reliable supplier who understands your needs, your business-critical issues and will provide a fast and effective solution.

With ICA's knowledgeable and friendly engineers you can be assured that when disaster strikes, your office laser printer rescue is close at hand, saving you time, money — and hassle.

For more help, please call us on 0800 393989.

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