ICA: A Leader in Managed Document Services

At ICA, we understand that managing your print document services can become a very costly and time-consuming process. We supply a completely tailored service, which covers all aspects of managing your document requirements. This includes printers, scanners, copiers, and multifunctional systems. Our team has many years of experience at implementing more affordable and efficient document services to meet every client's individual needs.

An individualised service means that our customers know exactly what kind of equipment they need to specifically match the requirements of their Business. One problem is that companies often purchase more devices than necessary, or even worst they select the wrong equipment for their needs. Excess equipment means paying more upfront and for operational and maintenance issues, not to mention supplies. Our team assesses every Companies objectives and tailors service around these.

Managed Document Services from ICA includes: Printing, Copying, and Scanning Resources and More

ICA also addresses hardware efficiency and resource consumption. By doing so, the amount of paper used is reduced, and you can eliminate waste entirely. A focus on energy usage helps minimise consumption so your business can in fact do better for the environment. That does not mean your efficiency and the quality of your printing output has to suffer. These too are improved with our top-of-the-line managed document services.

ICA's Managed Document Services Benefit many types of Business:

We work alongside many different types of organisation – from schools, charities and not for profit groups to those in the commercial, legal and financial sectors. Whilst our diverse client base has differing requirements, priorities and individual challenges, as their suppliers we are consistently committed to assisting them in taking control of the print technology infrastructures within their offices.

We've been independent suppliers of office print technology for over 20 years now, and so we are able to share our expertise with our clients by helping them to streamline and configure their equipment and select the optimal technology to suit their business needs. In turn, our bespoke solutions ensure that our clients' office resources demonstrate significant cost savings, whilst also increasing efficiency and productivity.

Small/Medium Businesses: Many such companies struggle with optimising the use of printing equipment, print consumables, fax machines, and photocopiers. We tailor the service depending on a company's requirements and size. A focus on hardware and software, cost, supplies such as toner and paper, and efficiency makes our service effective on many levels.

Legal/Corporate: Legal and corporate clients have specific needs in regards to the hardware and software tools used for printing. Demand can result in excess consumption and cost. Our services minimise these and the use of consumables. Efficiency gaps are effectively removed from the equation.

Education/Charity: Marketing materials, legal documents, and other forms of paperwork often bog down educators and charity institutions. We can help select the right printing equipment, minimise the use of consumables, and help make use of photocopiers, multifunctional devices, scanners, and fax machines more efficient. Client operations therefore become more cost-effective and in-line with corporate goals.

Software: The applications you use directly impact the type of print, fax, and copy systems used and how efficiently they run. Our expertise enables us to recommend and deliver the ideal software tools to match your printing needs with business objectives. As a result, you experience a measurable difference in cost and efficiency.

Read more on our website or call us at 0800 39 39 89 to see how ICA's managed document services can make a difference to your business.

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