A Business Telephone System for the Modern Business

Reliable communication systems are at the heart of every modern day business. Years of industry knowledge and experience at ICA mean we can tailor the most suitable solution to every Business. Not every Business is the same, therefore choosing the correct Business telephone system is a crucial part of the Business process.

Our in-house experts understand the requirements of a modern business telephone system. Solutions from leading manufacturers are available, including NEC, Panasonic, and SDX. Other industry-leading brands are also available to all our clients nationwide.

NEC: Is a provider of desktop phones built to enhance communication and connectivity. These include the DT700 Series IP phones designed to meet business voice and data communication needs. Some models, such as the digital DT300, offer ergonomics and customisation. The DT770G provides rich functionality and docks with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets, while the UT880 integrates a desktop phone with an Android tablet.

ICA Connects Clients with the Industry Leading Business Telephone Systems

One of the industry leaders Panasonic; offers many solutions for communications management which include voice messaging, productivity software, and support for IP, SIP, wireless, plus analogue and digital. One IP phone integrates a touchscreen while able to access corporate applications. It also integrates with network cameras. The company offers converged IP-PBX systems, a Network Communication Platform, and a centralised multi-site, web-based telephony and communication platform.

SDX: We can also provide clients with software-defined Internet exchanges. Integration of telecom and Internet systems is wildly popular now. Both can interoperate under the same system and cabling, streamlining clients' infrastructures.

Business Telephone Features:

We can install the most basic of systems. But for business clients looking for more advanced features, ICA can deliver more sophisticated VoIP systems that deliver voice service and multimedia over a broadband Internet connection. Businesses can therefore take advantage of the latest digital communication protocols and have access to cutting-edge applications.

If a client wishes to have their telecom services delivered over the traditional public switched telephone network, ISDN products are available. Clients still have the option for digital voice, video, data, and other services. Fax service can also be delivered on the same line. ICA can deliver DDI solutions, used by many VoIP providers, to establish specific numbers on selected lines. It's also possible to create individual fax numbers this way.

ICA also capitalises on state-of-the-art features such as auto attendants. Receptionist-scale services are therefore possible and greet callers with select recordings and touchtone options. Any caller can reach the extension they intend to. Voicemail, call conference, call transfer, and other modern features are available to businesses as well.

Clients receive a reliable and highly functional business telephone system. In addition to being durable, each model can be complimented with modern amenities such as Category 5 cabling and more. To learn more and contact us, follow the links on our website.

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